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My name is Kristy and my studio is located Bendigo, Victoria.
I come from a family of makers, making and baking are common rituals in our homes. I haven't always worked as a maker; until mid 2014, I worked as a Health Care Manager but it was always inevitable that I would head down a creative path.

Prior to starting my little business, I studied Interior Design.  I am so passionate about design and colour which I think you can see resonates in my work. During my studies (forever really), I would spend day and night looking at design books, mags and anything I could find online.

My first project was a crochet vessel as I loved the complete contrast of the soft texture with deceivingly firm structure. From there I moved on to making rugs for which I am constantly looking for new concepts and colour schemes. Making really feeds my thirst for finding design and colour solutions. I also love the challenge of using an old craft to create something new and contemporary that will complement the most modern home.

I love working with my clients and coming up with a solution to suit their decor or colour scheme. I offer a unique service, providing digital mock ups to assist with the selection and design process.

My rugs and homewares are made predominately from jersey yarn, a by-product sourced from the fashion industry making it an environmentally friendly solution which I am very proud of. The quantity of yarn that would go to landfill if it wasn't re-purposed is unthinkable!

The jersey yarn produces a luxuriously thick and soft rug that feels amazing underfoot. They are so tactile, you really have to feel them to understand how good touching them makes you feel!! They are machine washable which makes them a perfect solution for a nursery, kids room or beach house however can be designed for any part of the house.

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